Add a projector for ARCADE MODE in Straight Shooter

 Below you will find some links to Amazon for projectors and tripods that we recommend. 


We recommend you get a projector with at least 3,000 lumens.  However, we recommend even more.  The more lumens you get, the brighter the room can be when you practice.  

At 3,000 lumens, the room needs to be fairly dark for the camera to track the targets.  At 8,000 lumens you can see your gun sights bright and clear.  

Best Value

Usually less than $99

Best Quality

Last price check of $233

Tripod For Projector

Dongle to connect phone to Projector

If Android user with USB C, grab this one:

If Android user with micro USB, grab this one:

If iPhone use, grab this one: All Rights Reserve - Copyright @ 2018